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AB Groups is specialized in Electronic design, Security systems and Manufacturing services. Started by couple of engineers, with a passion for Technology and a Vision to build a enterprise. An enterprise that would thrive on cutting edge Technologies, offering solutions that would be Economical, Comprehensive and bring in the best possible value addition. Our foresight in being domain independent has enabled us to take up workshops, projects and products, across a wide spectrum of market verticals, giving us a rich and varied experience of various Technologies and Techniques. This in turn enables us to offer out of the box solutions to client requirements. Probably our biggest advantage over competitors is the fact that we are equipped to take a project from definition to deployment and believe on customer satisfaction. We have in house expertise to work at various stages of a solution, enabling us to deliver the most economical and optimized solutions in shortest time spans possible. We have dedicated ourselves to building success in our lives - personally and professionally. By most standards, we have been successful.

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